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Criminal Law

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Family Law

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Corporation and Commercial Law

Our experienced lawyers are committed to helping our customers in all aspects of their business needs and problems solving while pursuing their businesses purpose. Whenever you seek legal or business advice, we can always provide best legal solutions. While serving…


Admiralty and Maritime Law

We provide comprehensive law services related to admiralty and maritime disputes in business, involving ship owner, operators, brokers, charterers, underwriters, P&I clubs, trading companies, shipping agents, port operators and logistics companies. Our professional lawyers represents shippers, consignees, ocean carriers, marine…


Divorse and Family Law

Scope of divorse and family legal services 1.Divorce negotiation Make full use of professional knowledge of law, negotiation, psychology and other disciplines to comprehensively analyze the causes and nature of disputes between husband and wife (family members), and clarify the…


International Trade Law

Negotiation, preparation, review and amendment of international trade contracts,Participating in trade negotiation, reviewing and drafting sales/purchase contracts, broker agreement and other documents; Consultation of International Trade issues; Consultation of policies, laws and regulations on import and export,Advising on transport, insurance,…