Corporation and Commercial Law

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Our experienced lawyers are committed to helping our customers in all aspects of their business needs and problems solving while pursuing their businesses purpose. Whenever you seek legal or business advice, we can always provide best legal solutions. While serving as company counsel, we also handle transactional matters such as acquisition issues, contracts, licensing, non-disclosure agreements, and corporate finance, and labor and employment issues. We have also been retained by many companies as external company counsel.

Scope of Corporation and Commercial Law Services

Formation of joint ventures or WFOEs;

Design of corporate governance;

Drafting and revising Articles, Contract and Agreements for companies;

Labor and human resources,Labor law and employment regulations,Solving Labor law contract issue;

Mergers and acquisitions, liquidation and bankruptcy;

Share transfer, inheritance and mortgage;

Company registration and change of registration;

Draft, amending, reviewing of commercial contract;

Localization and ongoing legal and compliance advice;

Intellectual property protection;

Commercial investigation and transaction;

Business negotiations, and due diligence;

Full Legal analysis and dispute resolution.