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Scope of divorse and family legal services

1.Divorce negotiation

Make full use of professional knowledge of law, negotiation, psychology and other disciplines to comprehensively analyze the causes and nature of disputes between husband and wife (family members), and clarify the mutual restriction and entanglement of emotions and property in marriage and family for the parties. On the basis of fully understanding the needs of both parties, adopt the most widely used negotiation principles and methods in the world, work with the parties to formulate negotiation objectives and tailor-made negotiation plans, And acting for the parties to carry out divorce negotiations with the other party, properly solve emotional, property, child rearing and other issues, and help the parties to break up peacefully.

2.Divorce proceedings

Marriage and family litigation cases are one of the main businesses of our marriage and family affairs team, including divorce, property division, child rearing, cohabitation disputes and other cases. Although litigation divorce is relatively inefficient and easy to cause conflicts, litigation is the only way to counteract the other party if the other party resolutely disagrees with the divorce or refuses to divide the main property. In the divorce proceedings, we always adhere to the principle of putting the interests of the parties first, timely grasp the favorable opportunity of reconciliation and mediation, and help the parties to end the divorce proceedings as soon as possible and usher in a new life.

3.Child rearing

For many people with children, children may be the most reluctant to part with,When a family is broken, how to protect the interests of children to the greatest extent has always been the most concerned issue of our divorce and family lawyers. In the process of divorce, we will use our rich experience in handling divorce cases involving children’s upbringing to formulate upbringing and education programs for the parties that are most in line with the interests of children, and provide psychological counseling to both parents and children when necessary, so as to minimize the impact of parents’ divorce on children.

4.Property division

Real estate is the basic means of living for every family, and it is often the highest value of the joint property of husband and wife. Therefore, the division of real estate is often the focus of divorce proceedings. In order to enable the parties to share as much property rights and interests as possible, the marriage and family lawyer team summarized the court’s judgment ideas on the property division from more than 2000 personal cases involving the property division, and guided the client to fully explore its advantages in the property division, so as to realize the client’s demand for obtaining the property ownership or higher housing discount.

5.Equity division

Our divorce and family lawyers not only have profound professional knowledge of divorce and family law, but also have rich experience in company law, securities law and other laws and regulations. Many lawyers have experience in capital market service in early years. Focusing on the client’s demands for equity division, family lawyers can provide professional and systematic legal services, customize legal and scientific equity disposal plans for the clients, and resolve equity disputes related to personal wealth and the fate of the enterprise.

6.Agreement drafting

Including the drafting of marriage and family affairs related agreements such as marital property agreements, divorce agreements, and separation agreements. Our marriage and family lawyers team has handled at least 200 marriage and family cases. With its rich litigation experience, we accurately grasp the risks that each party may face, make fine arrangements in the agreement, and make the best of the agreement structure, agreement expression and other details to ensure that the contents of the agreement conform to the true meaning of the parties.