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Civil Code of the People’s Republic of China

Civil Code of the People’s Republic of China (Adopted at the Third Session of the Thirteenth National People’s Congress on May 28, 2020) Book One General Part   Chapter I General Provisions   Article 1 This  Law  is  formulated  in  accordance  with  the  Constitution  of the People’s Republic of China for the purposes of protecting the lawful rights and interests of the persons  of  the  civil  law,  regulating  civil-law  relations,  maintaining  social  and economic order, meet the needs for developing socialism with Chinese characteristics, and carrying forward the core socialist values. Article 2 The civil law regulates personal and proprietary relationships among the persons of  the  civil  law,  namely,  natural  persons,   legal  persons,   and  unincorporated organizations that are equal in status. Article 3 The personal rights, proprietary rights, and other lawful rights and interests of the persons of the civil law are protected by law and free from infringement by any organization or individual. Article 4 All persons  of the  civil  law  are  equal  in  legal  status when  conducting  civil […]

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